Remember this?

In September 2007 I wrote about this stunning Stockholm apartment, which was then for sale. Well, today I saw it again on the popular tv show Design: Simon & Tomas, and got to see not only what the new owners had done to the place, but also what decorators Simon and Tomas did.


And I got sad. It was all horrible. This is probably one of the most amazing apartments Stockholm has to offer, and it was all ruined! Sure, the new owners hadn’t really done much to the place, the kitchen was still intact, but all the stuff they had put in there was just aweful.

Look at this picture of what it looked like before the decorating show got there. This isn’t bad taste. This is no taste.

And then you can see the finished result from the tv show:

Sure, it is much better than the before picture, but do you remember what it looked like 1,5 years ago?

Now do you understand why I feel a bit sad that this wonderful place is all gone?