IKEA PS 2009 collection

I was invited to IKEA‘s press event for the new PS collection today, and may I say I’m pleasantly surprised? The new collection consists of 70 products, and most of them would be more than welcome in my home! The inspiration for all of these was found in Sweden’s traditions and nature, and the colors and materials were chosen accordingly, with lots of wood and wool in white, black and red.


The IKEA PS 2009 collection will be available in three selected stores in Sweden on February 1, and in all other stores in April. I’ll show you some of my personal favorites below:

Svarva, by Front, one of Sweden’s most interesting young design groups. Here they have worked with turned wood, cut into little pieces to add flexibility and life to this reading light.

Karljohan, a low stool or side table, inspired by a common Swedish mushroom, here made from solid wood (availabe in birch or pine).

Bruse, a bench or sofa table that looks as if it was made from solid wood, but is in fact a hollow plywood box covered with veneer on top and rough left over pices from the wood industry on the sides. This makes every bench unique, just like the designer’s grandfather’s bench that was the original inspiriation for the piece.

Sticka, a big blanket or bedspread, in a lovely warm wool/polyester blend. The long handquilted stitches decorating it gives this blanket that personal touch I’m so in to right now. This is also available in offwhite with coloured stitches.

Fjällbjörk, in Swedish this is called a kåsa, but I don’t think there is an English word for this kind of mug, usually used on nature treks. It’s great for hot and cold beverages, soup and even solid foods, and the handle is especially practical when you want to scoop up water from a creek. It comes from the Sami culture, the Scandinavian version of the Native Americans. And since I am part Sami, this piece has a special place in my heart, and I’m real happy to have recieved this as a gift at the press show! Traditionally made from wood, and with plastic versions used in schools and daycare groups all over Sweden, this is an upgrade in fine white porcelain.

And below, some more good pieces:

Spraka, peppermill

Såga chair and Kvarnsten dining table

Sinka cabinet and Pendel clock/shelf

August day bed



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