Nursery inspiration

Ever since I got the + on the stick this winter, I’ve been thinking about how to decorate the nursery. We know it’s going to be a boy (his name will be Carl Elvis Elton) but that doesn’t really matter to me, I wouldn’t have been painting the room either pink or blue anyway…


The room is tiny with a sloped ceiling, hardwood floors and the walls are going to be white. These are some of the pictures I have collected for inspiration, please tell me what you think!

Animals and cars will definitely be on display!

I have this poster by Elisabeth Dunker, and some vintage toy blocks that I’m planning to use.

A paper mobile or garland is on the "must have list"

A small wardobe is getting painted white any day now, and it will get fairy lights in some way on top of it.

I’ve bought an old sugar crate wich will be a perfect storage solution for toys or books.

I’m thinking of hanging a simple curtain in this Ikea fabric on a clothes hanger. It won’t be heart shaped though.

This crib is awesome! However, ours will most likely be from Ikea if I can’t find a nice vintage one before October.