5 year blogoversary! Part 4, 2008

We are now going to step back to 2008, when I started to concentrate more on full room settings and homes rather than products. Since then my focus has been on styling and photography, since I find this a nice way to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle with less shopping and more of re-using, recycling and taking care of what you already have.
In the beginning this was also a way to put more focus on stylists, as all lights seemed to be on the photographers at that time.


That has changed a bit now, and I’m really happy for that progress! Sure, a photographer can make or break a shot, but in my opinion the stylist is still more important for the outcome of the picture. Without the stylist, there would only be a blank white wall for the photographer to shoot…

This first pic is from Hotel Berge, and the photos from there have been seen all over blogosphere since then, and they still show up in posts sometimes. I take that as a proof of timeless style and a job well done by the designers.


These photos by Lars Ranek still holds up very well too!


The same goes for these shots by Kristin Perers.


This loft from Marie Claire Maison is now a bit too rustic for my tastes, but I like the different shades of white and wood.


And I found another dream kitchen! This is by a Danish company called Det Mondæne Skur.