5 year blogoversary! Part 5, 2009

The last part of this retrospective will give you glimpses from last year, 2009. Many of these posts are probably fresh in many of your memories, but I’ve picked a few of my personal favourites that I think deserves to be shown again.

Tomorrow I’ll be back here, sharing my favourites from the Formex fair (a big trade fair, mostly for shop owners and others in the retail business, but with some interesting stuff for the rest of us too) that I visited today!

Photos by the always brilliant Norwegian photographer Siren Lauvdal, for Elle Interiør Norway, which in my humble opinion is one of the best deco mags in the world.


These shots from Sköna Hem‘s trend preview for 2009 are great, and I feel that they worked very well for 2010 too.


A huge necklace for hanging clothes felt like a fresh and innovative idea, and I still believe it would add a nice glamorous touch to my bedroom. Designed by Hommin.


Ever since I saw this photo printed curtain I’ve wanted one for myself too, and I have even gone as far as too investigate how to get it done here in Sweden, and what the costs would be. Now I just have to decide on the motif. Oh, and find a place for it! I think this is a great way to give the illusion of a bigger room while you are actually making it smaller by dividing it with the fabric. The curtain in the picture is designed by Bauke Knottnerus.

I remember when I listened to a lecture on the upcoming trends, I believe it was by Lotta Lewenhaupt from Elle Interiör, at a fair early that year, and she said that trompe l’oeil would become popular. I didn’t believe her. But oh how wrong I was! This is an artform that has been seen everywhere in the last year! On wallpaper, fabric, wallstickers, furniture, you name it… Most of the time I don’t like it, but then again sometimes, very rarely, something like this comes along and I just have to surrender. Lotta, I’m sorry I didn’t trust you, you were so right!

Lotta has a blog here, it’s in Swedish, but you should all read it (use google translate!) because this is a woman with a lot of knowledge about design and style, and you always learn something new, either about design or about life, from reading her posts.


The post on this home for sale made some people a little upset. I claimed that this is not at all how the average Swedish home looks, but some disagreed. I am still convinced I am right though. 🙂 I’ve visited enough homes that looks nothing like this to be able to say that the above pictures are NOT average in any way. But they sure are nice!

I actually like it when the commenters get a bit upset, I think there should be more room for discussion and criticism in the design blog community. It gets a little blaaah sometimes with all the cuteness. Do you agree?


Last but not least, I updated my Stockholm Guide. I know many people find my blog looking for a more personal guide to the city, and I hear they like this post I wrote. I am going to update this again next spring (I just didn’t have the time this year) with some new favourites of mine.


See you here tomorrow for a short report from Formex! Take care, and thanks for reading!