Best of 2010 part 3

Here comes July! Starting with a DIY project from 101 Woonideeën:


And then this wonderful summer house, owned by stylist Katarina Grundströmer:


Some great bathroom shots from RUM:


And then came August with some reports from the big fair in Milan.


These shots are from Sköna Hem where they interpreted some of the trends. Wood and paper shown here, not very surprising right? But very beautiful!


August was also the month of my 5 year blogoversary! I made five posts showing my favorites from each of the past years, and you could clearly see the development of my tastes. The access to nice pictures is so much bigger now than when I started, and hopefully that has improved the quality of the blog as well. Back then there were very few online sources for pictures other than product shots from different brands and stores, but now all magazines, stylists and photographers have huge amounts of beautiful photos available for immediate download and sharing!

After that I gave you some shots from Norwegian stylists Kråkvik & D’Orazio:


I got an email from Katie at the design studio Candy Black where she told me about their new office, and I just had to share that! This post was very popular and I can see why…


In September I started a Facebook page for the blog and that was a big hit! It got over a thousand followers in just a few weeks, and the numbers are still growing. If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend you check it out as I post lots of stuff there that will never be on the blog. Because as you know I don’t post about products here so I collect all the good stuff I see over on Facebook instead. And there is other things on there as well, like photos and links to great posts on other blogs.

I also posted a little series of shots styled by one of my new favourite stylists, Emma Persson Lagerberg. Unfortunately she doesn’t have a homepage, but these were shot by Petra Bindel so I found them over at her site.


September was also the month when stylist Lotta Agaton took the step from Residence to Elle Interiör. This was her first feature for Elle.


I worked with Lotta on a campaign for Ikea, and stayed at Berns Hotel for a night. It was a great stay, both the interiors, location, service and food was excellent and I can honestly say it’s one of the best hotels I’ve tried so I can’t recommend it enough! This is from one of the suites there:


The final part of 2010 is coming in a few hours.