Best of 2010 part 4

This is the last part of my summary of 2010 and I would like to take a moment to thank you all. Thank you for reading and commenting, this blog wouldn’t be anything without you! And thanks for voting for me so that I could win Stora Bloggpriset in February and become Sweden’s most visited design blog! Now that I have achieved that goal I’m setting new goals for my blogging, and I am planning some great things for 2011, so I hope you will all stay here with me to see what I have in store for you…

Now back to October.


I made a very popular post about living with white with a link to an interview with Line Dammen from Elle Interiør.


I also posted about this amazing Stockholm apartment for sale:


Some nice home offices from RUM:


I started November with a post about this super cozy Norwegian cabin that was featured in Sköna Hem:


And then I started giving you inspiration for your christmas decorations! The pictures below are styled by Icelandic stylist Ólöf Jakobína.


More white christmas inspirations, this time from vt wonen.


I don’t think we need a recap of December, do you? I mean, you all probably still remember the posts you liked here from the last month, right? How about you all comment about which was your favorite post from December? I’m very curious!