Blog tips!

I am starting to realize that I might not be able to update this blog as often as I had hoped. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! I want you to know that I’m trying very hard to find time for blogging, but then answering emails and comments comes second, and I might miss answering them.


So if you asked me a question in the last months and I haven’t replied, I’m really sorry. Please contact me again and I’ll try even harder to get to it!

If you are a new reader you might be wondering why I’m so busy… You see I had my third child three months ago, and that combined with moving to a house that is in dire need of renovating and decorating, and also being located in the countryside which makes simply meeting a friend for coffee will turn into a full day event, well, time just disappears!

This is why I want to give you a little more reading by sending you off to some new to me blogs that I really like, and I think you will to. Enjoy!

First out is The Brick House, about renovating a midcentury house on a budget, finding the perfect Scandinavian vintage furniture to fill it with, and the adventures along the way.

Second is Grey, a Canadian blog about ”beauty in all forms: fashion, architecture, interiors, products”.

Last up today is Varpunen, a Finnish blog which I can’t read without google translate, but the pictures totally make up for that!

This is her kid’s room, see what I mean about the pics make it worth looking at without knowing a word of Finnish?