My shoot with Lotta Agaton

Remember a few weeks ago I told you I was going to be assisting Lotta Agaton on a shoot? I have the first result from that job now, and thought you might be curious… It’s an advertising campaign for IKEA beds.


Lotta styled three different settings and the first picture is out now, and the second two will be published soon.

First we ran around Stockholm for two days collecting lots of props, everything from books and flowers to gardening tools and slippers. We had to be really careful with what we chose as none of it could look remotely close to anything that could be sold at IKEA. Here are a few snapshots to give you an idea of what things looked liked behind the scenes:

Then on the third day we went to the studio and met up with the photographer Patric Johansson and his assistant, three people from Ikea, Anna who is Lotta’s agent from Agent Bauer, Lina who is Lotta’s regular assistant and Catrin who is Lotta’s old assistant. We started assembling beds, cabinets, drawers and chairs, powertools were buzzing all over the place together with some random cursings. Well, you know what it’s like to assemble IKEA furniture, don’t you? Once you think you are finished you realize you put that first thing upside down and have to start over from the beginning again! Let me tell you, I was really happy we were three assistants right there, as there was A LOT of screwing to be done!

Around lunchtime the first setting was finished, and Patric could start shooting. However, we had to remove lots of stuff from the picture as IKEA needed space to write. So the final picture came out quite empty. The top picture is what we saw, you can see how bare it looks with all that empty white space. But as long as the customer is happy, it’s all good! The bottom pic is the finished result, cropped and with lots of text everywhere, not looking so empty anymore.

I had lots of fun doing this, met a bunch of nice people, and hopefully I can work with Lotta soon again!