Try this at home! by Annaleena Project: Indoor Trellis

Hi you guys!

I have got a fun Try this at home project for you today! This is something that is very common in Scandinavia, a trellis for climbing plants! Usually it is used outside but my idea was to make one for indoor use.


I think handmade details gives homes that more natural and homey feeling, don’t you! Trellis has considerable merit in todays gardens. Why not make one for indoor climbing plants too!

Here is the recipe!
In order to get the trellis both nice looking and stylistically pure I used a wooden border with dimensions 25x25mm which I measured and cut into eight pieces. So that each piece was 140 cm. 50mm long nails suited perfectly to put the pieces into place.
Once that I hade done that, it was time to get the white paint and the brush.

All climbing plants will look cool on this trellis, even though the plant isn’t big enough to cover it all up.

Who says a trellis must be used outside on the balcony or on the facade of the house? I believe one can do it the other way around.

See you next month, May 16th, when I present my next Try this at home idea!

Creative greetings,