Try this at home! by Annaleena, Project: Home-Necklace

Now I’m back here again after the holidays and thought I would introduce you to a new DIY project! I mentioned last time that I would show you what you could do with crocheted table clothes, and you can view the result on


my blog today. However when I am guest blogging at  Emma’s  today I will  show this DIY wooden ball-necklace instead.
It actually has a purely decorative function in the home, just like a piece of jewelry has. That is why I call it a home-necklace. The idea behind it is just to bring the cozy woodiness that so many of us like, into the interior! It can be placed anywhere, from the door handles to the curtain rod or just let it lie on a table.

The recipe is easy, use as many and as large wooden balls as you want depending on how long you want your necklace to be, and a strong piece of string. Wooden balls can be bought from craft shops. Start by tying a knot in one end, leaving a 5 cm piece of string in the end so you can tie the necklace together when it is finished. Or you can do like me, I  didn’t tie up the necklace, but put the string between the balls and it still holds together. If you don’t like the necklace shape you can let it fall freely. It is only your imagination that puts limits to this project.

Tip: you can also make a trivet of the wooden balls.
Thanks for taking the time to read today’s try this at home project and good luck with you DIY’s!
/Annaleena from the blog Annaleenas hem