Book review: Naturligvis by Kirsten Visdal

A little while ago, I saw a book review on a Norwegian blog of a book that looked really interesting. The book was called Naturligvis, or Naturally in English, and I immediately started thinking about where I could find it in Sweden, or find a webshop that would ship here.


Then I got an email from the publisher, asking if I would perhaps like a copy of this new book? I was so happy! The book arrived and I can’t stop looking at the 270 pages of wonderful photos! They are shot by Nina Dreyer Hensley and Jim Hensley, two very experienced food and interiors photographers who have shot a whole bunch of books before.

The author, Kirsten Visdal, has chosen 13 Norwegian homes with a truly Scandinavian style. Some homes are more modern and others have a little more rustic, country feel, but what they all have in common are the natural elements. The colours are soft, the materials are natural, and creativity is flowing. If you can read Norwegian you get a deeper view into the homes, learning what the owners made and changed, what the thoughts are behind their decorating and so on. This is all very interesting and inspiring, but I would have loved the book even if I didn’t understand the words!

Below are some of my favourite spreads from the book. Can you see how they are all very different, but they still have many things in common?
Ps. I later found Naturligvis in Bolina’s webshop. One of the homes in the book actually belongs to Hanne, one of the owners of Bolina, so of course they sell the book. 🙂
For my Swedish readers, it’s available at Adlibris.