Christmas Calendar 9/12: Victorinox

Victorinox, the makers of the classic Swiss army knife, are giving away their new knife Tomo, to seven lucky winners! The Tomo is a beautifully designed and packaged minimalist knife by Tokyo designers 


Abitax, who have given the traditional knife a whole new and modern look.

”Modern Art Cutting” is Victorinox interpretation of ”Kirigami”, the ancient and complicated Japanese art of paper cutting, where they cooperated with famous British artist Rob Ryan. Below is a video with Rob talking about his work. There are more videos on the Victorinox Tomo site where Rob shares lots of tips and tricks for paper cutting. You can also download his paper cutting templates to try this beautiful art form yourself.
To have a chance to win this, just answer the questions below:
1. What material is the packaging for the Tomo made of?
2. Which colour would you like to win?

This giveaway is open for 24 hours, until 12.00 December 10. Seven winners will be picked and contacted via email.

This giveaway is now closed and the winners have been contacted!