Trend 2011: Naturally Boring

The next trend I think will be big this year is what I would like to call Naturally Boring. Others might call it Scandinavian Simple or something like that, but I think my name is more descriptive. I’d like to describe this trend as very back-to-basics, get rid of all the frills, all decorative unnecessary decorations and finishes and all the quirky details.


Just plain and simple unfinished natural materials like pine wood, leather and concrete, presented as they are in their natural colours. These simple objects will of course look their best against a white, grey or black backdrop, so bright colours are completely banned, except for tiny pops of neon to add some edge to the look. Now for some examples:

Plywood bookshelf and neon yellow lamp, shot by Jonas Ingerstedt, via Lotta Agaton


Simple furniture that are almost like clichés, from Sköna Hem

As for products, I think these would fit the bill:

Stacked shelving system by Muuto

Camping chair, table and stool from Normann Copenhagen

Olive Wood chair from Swedese


If you can’t make it, fake it! Concrete look wallpaper by


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