Try this at home! Project: Picture frame hanger/message board

Welcome Annaleena from the blog Annaleenas Hem! This is her first guest post here and she secretely told me she has been a little nervous about meeting you all, so please help me make her feel welcome and at home here! Take it away Annaleena!

You often hear people talking about things they’ve seen but never tried at home.


Or warnings don’t try this at home! Why not think the other way around? Creating at home can be really easy!

When Emma asked me if I’d show some ideas at her site I was very flattered – it felt so right! I have admired her blog for ages. In this first ”Try this at home!” I wanted to create something really easy with chalkboard paint and something that could be both decorative and practical. Because I’ve used picture frames for different projects before I thought I’d do that again.

This is the recipe for this multifunctional picture frame. You will need:

  • a picture frame
  • chalkboard paint
  • a can
  • a few hooks

I started with painting the frame and the can with two coats of chalkboard paint. Then I screwed the hooks on top of the picture frame. But you can place them wherever you want. The can was then screwed on so it turned into a pot plant. It doesn’t matter how the frame looks but I chose a rectangular shaped frame, but a squared one is also ok for this project.

The frame can now be used as a kind of a jewelery hanger where you hang the nicest necklaces and other small favorites can be put in the can. The frame could be placed where you wish – in the hallway or in the bedroom. At our place it is used as message board which is a very convenient way of using it too! Just use chalks – the kids will love it!

Next time – the 21 st of February my intention is to present a ”light” idea made of textiles wich feels very up to date but it’s very easy to make for your home, until then, be creative and dare to decorate you home with DIY’s because rules are meant to be broken!

Creative greetings,