Vote for Sweden’s ugliest kitchen!

I just entered a contest where the winner is elected Sweden’s ugliest kitchen and wins a whole new kitchen from HTH. Our kitchen is the ugliest I have ever seen, so if you would all be so nice and vote for me I’d be forever grateful! And I promise to show you the after pics if I win!


To vote, go to this page, then follow these steps:

1. Click the ”Rösta på denna bild” button.
2. Click on ”Skapa konto”
3. Fill out the form, it should be quite self explanatory even if you don’t know Swedish. First name, last name, email, password, confirm password. Check the first box but not the second.
4. Click on ”Registrera mig”.
5. Rate the pic and click on ”Rösta på denna bild”. (5 is horribly disgusting, 1 is super nice)

After you have registered you can vote every day until March 20, and I really need all of your votes to win this!

I won’t show the pics of the kitchen in it’s current state here now, because they are truly dreadful and I don’t want to scare you. Instead I’m posting some dream kitchens for you to enjoy!