Try this at home! by Annaleena Project: Hanging Frames

Because all people have photos in their homes I figured that I would do something fun and different with photo frames. I have seen frames hung on threads which are visible many times and I simply like the asymmetry with that.


It is just not letting the frames hang as they normally do but to let them hang sideways which feels like the new black. 😉

You need:
Thin rope
Photo frames
Black spray paint
Staple gun
One big nail, screw or hook

I started off with picking out three frames in different sizes and then I sprayed them with 2-3 layers of black spray paint. It is important to be thorough when it comes to let the spray colour dry between the layers.
Then I tacked the rope on the backside of the frames with the help of the staple gun and hung the frames on the big nail. I tried out how the frames would hang before I made a knot with the three ropes around the big nail. Instead of a nail you can also have a screw or a hook.

Even if the frames hang in an asymmetrical way you can achieve a feeling of harmony because the frames have the same colour. I think in a symmetric room one can get a stimulating effect on the spectator’s eye by using objects in an asymmetrical way.

Next time when I see you it is in the midst of the summer and I am going to show you what you can do with crocheted tablecloths.

I hope to see you then!