Advent Giveaway Nr 3 *CLOSED*

Sorry for being a day late, I had some problems with this post, but I hope you will find that it was worth waiting for. Today’s theme of the advent calendar is Kitchen, so if you need a fresh update on your kitchen gear, don’t miss this chance to win some of my favorite things!
One lucky winner will get:


1 tea pot, 4 tea cups and 4 plates from Marimekko’s In Good Company series, from Finnish Design Shop. 1 big wooden tray, 2 Gradient tea towels and 2 Cold Forest tea towels from Hay, from La Maison D’Anna G. 1 white Sodastream Source to make your own sparkling water. 1 Geo Vacuum Flask, 1 Shoehorn, 1 Peeler and 2 Tea Eggs from Normann Copenhagen. The total value is € 679.

Now just tell my why you should be the lucky one! You can write in the comments below, or on the blog’s Facebook page. (English, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian is fine, but I won’t be able to understand you if you write in any other languages, so please try to stick to any of these.) The competition will be open until Sunday 23/12. Good luck!
Ps. The winner of last week’s giveaway is Ansgar Taschinski, who wrote me a beautiful fairytale. You can all read it in the comments here. Congrats Ansgar!

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