Still Life practice 2

We had another still life practice yesterday at the Interior Styling Master Class at Beckmans. Our mission was to create an advertising photo for one or several products from Lotta Agaton Shop. It was lots of fun, and so exciting to see how much everyone had developed! Elin Strömberg was our photographer for the day, and she did a great job again, as you can see below.


I am really happy with my photo this time, I feel like I found my style now.

This weekend is spent at Färgfabriken, shooting the graduation projects. I am already done, and I must say it feels good. I think the photo will be ok… I will publish the photos from this later, as they all need to go through some retouching etc.
Below are yesterday’s still lifes. Enjoy!
Styling: Anna Gorecki
Styling: Emelie Wååg
Styling: Emma Fexeus (me)
Styling: Klara Kristin
Styling: Maliin Stoor
Styling: Monica Hökars