Try This At Home by Annaleena: Geometrical Charcoal Mobile

Hello everyone!

It’s Annaleena and I’m back again with a new ”Try this at home project”! Thank you for your warm response to my latest post, I think that  DIY´s or what we call it here -*try this at home projects* are all about sharing the joy that comes of doing something nice for you home with your own hands! It has to be the modern expression for doing some handcraft, I think.
I have always liked hanging mobiles because they compliment interiors nicely and give a room an exciting expression! I also like using charcoal as a media so I decided to make a hanging mobile of – yes, that´s right – charcoal!
You need:

  • charcoal
  • nylon thread
  • black tape
  • scissors
Start making a sketch in your head. I did that myself and tested my way through.
Cut several pieces of black tape so you can use them when working fast. I stopped when the shape felt a bit unfinished because I did not want it to get too round or triangular, instead I wanted a geometric form that changes depending on how it hangs and from what angle you’re looking at it.
Then, when you are ready, tie a nylon thread to it and tape several charcoal crayons onto the thread. This combination of materials gives the hanging mobile more character. Now it is ready to be hung! It looks good against a window or to create contrasts, against a white wall.
I also figured out another way to use the hanging mobile and that was to use it as a lampshade. Put the hanging mobile  really gently over the lamp, which, by the way was a low energy lamp. The charcoals manage the heat from an ordinary lamp bulb but the tape wouldn’t, so be careful and only use low energy light bulbs which in general are not as hot.
I liked the idea that I can use the hanging mobile both as a decoration but also as a lamp shade and of course I got really excited when I realized that this didn’t take a long time at all to do!

Thanks a lot, that’s it for this time. I already have a few projects growing in my head for my next guest post. So have a lovely spring and see you later!