Interior Wish List Challenge

I saw this challenge over at Pella’s blog Stil Inspiration a few days ago, where she challenges other bloggers to post their top five interior/furniture wishes, and I loved her choices. As you know, I don’t blog about products here, so I figured I would just have to skip this challenge.


But the temptation grew too big, I couldn’t stop thinking about it! It seemed like so much fun! So here it is, my wish list as it looks tonight. Tomorrow it might look different, but this is what popped up in my head right now.

I’m still unsure, perhaps I should have resisted the urge to post this and kept to my principles about not promoting products. What do you think?
1. Halo wall lamps by Nina Bruun
2. Vapeur table lamp by Inga Sempé
3. Inspiring 3D render by Bertrand Benoit
1. Styling by Glen Proebstel
2. Cutting boards and trivets from RK Design
3. Tati series from Asplund
1. Crux blanket by Pia Wallén
2. Black paint by fashion brand Tiger of Sweden
3. Styling and photo by Daniella Witte