Blog Tour Berlin #1

As you may have heard, this summer a team of nine design bloggers from all over Europe was formed, with the plan to tour the world in search for great design, nice collaborations with brands we like, and fun experiences to share with our readers.


We started with a trip to Copenhagen, and last week it was time for our second stop; four days in Berlin. I will write more about a few chosen stops on our trip, but let’s start with a general summary of the fun we had in the first two days! The picture above is from our favourite corner of the lobby in super cool design hotel Michelberger, where I also stayed a few days this Spring, and I was so happy to be back there. The atmosphere is layed back, the service great, the interior design totally stylish and relaxed at the same time, and we all loved the bar and lobby area to hang out after long days trotting around this huge city. My only complaint: ONE small mirror in a room for nine people?? No wonder it took us so long to get ready every day!

All photos are by Riikka Kantinkoski, or perhaps you know her as Weekday Carnival. It’s such a luxury to have a professional photographer in the group, as we are always guaranteed to have nice pictures for our blogs from all of our experiences!
We started our Berlin blog tour with a visit to Cookies Cream, a top notch vegetarian restaurant that took us all by surprise when we were lead through dark alleys by our hosts at VisitBerlin, and then through a mysterious hidden club space full of dark nooks, strange interior details (think ostrich lamps, chains, a wedding booth and flickering fluorescent lights), to finally end up in a big white room, full of long communal tables and huge modern art paintings. Unfortunately, they had a ”no pictures” policy, but you can take 360° tour here. And no, none of us (to my knowledge at least) tried the bedroom or the viewing room behind it.
The next morning started with breakfast and a styling challenge at Fashion For Home, where we were divided into two teams and created these settings from their big range of furniture and accessories. I teamed up with Igor, Anna and Desiree to make the second picture you see above. Quite relaxed and homey, and I think you can see pieces of all of us in there, while still managing to create a harmonious whole. Or what do you think?
Next on the schedule: Lunch at Etsy! Their office buzzed with creativity, as is to be expected I suppose, but it was so nice to see this space irl after seeing it on instagram and on blogs so many times. Lots of interesting details everywhere, and some examples of the products you can find on their site had also made it into the loft studio/office. You can find a few more pics from there on my Instagram, or check out our hashtag #designberlin for snapshots by all of us from the whole trip.
After a short shopping trip we went over to visit the headquarters of Fantastic Frank Berlin, who I am sure you have heard of already. If not, it’s a Swedish real estate agency, focusing on perfectly (and sometimes very creatively) styled apartments with pictures that would fit in any international deco magazine, and they just opened their German branch this summer. I don’t have any pics to share from their office, but above is one from their latest apartment for sale, to give you an idea of what they are all about.
Our last stop for the day, and one of my absolute favourites from my last Berlin trip, was Supergrau. This design brand has such a great shop/showroom, filled with minimalist products. Exclusive materials, beautiful lines and clever ideas are mixed into wonderful items, of which you can see a select few above. And below, two details from their shop, just to give you an idea of the atmosphere. It’s this great mix of raw and clean that I love so much.



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