My styling for Brdr. Krüger

Remember back in December, when I went to Copenhagen (again) for a styling job, and showed you some behind-the-scenes? The shoot was for Brdr. Krüger‘s new catalogue. They are an old Danish family business, established in 1886, probably most famous for their Tray Tables designed in 1963 by architect Hans Bølling.


What you perhaps didn’t know is that they are also producing the world famous wooden monkey by Kay Bojesen. The monkey production actually takes place in their home, with the whole family gathered around the dining table, attaching the different parts by hand. Isn’t that awesome?!

The brief for the pictures was to make some fresh and inspirational photos of the tray tables and Orbis Mobile glass tables/carts. I wanted to take them out of their traditional context and make them a bit more modern and playful, so I chose to do the shoot in a studio where we could play around a bit more and not be constrained by the limits of a real home. I also tried to vary the settings and expressions as much as I could for each photo, to show the versatility of the tables. The pictures are meant to be more as loose suggestions sparking the imagination than real life settings that you can copy and use in your home.
Below are my favorite pictures (there are more photos, but we played around worked hard in the studio for two days so I won’t show you everything because you would get bored). What do you think? Which one is your favorite?
Photo: Jonas Krüger
Styling: Emma Fexeus