Verso Skincare, great graphics and a short review

As I wrote on Facebook, I was invited to try this new Swedish skincare line. I usually don’t do those kind of things, especially not if the products aren’t related to interiors, but this time I had to make an exception.


The graphic design of the packaging, created by Today Creative, was too alluring, I just couldn’t resist the thought of having these nice bottles on my bathroom shelf. (And I have to admit, I saved the boxes and put them on display too.) As the Facebook post was so well received and many wanted a review of the products, I figured I would do that here, where there is a little more space to write.

Verso means reverse in Latin, so as you can imagine, this is an anti aging series. I love how cleverly they used that in the graphic design, with the reversed numbers. The products contain Retinol 8, a newly developed substance that takes all the positive effects from traditional retinol (the most proven effective substance in anti aging skincare products), but without the drawbacks like skin irritation and not being able to use in sunlight. So this is what Verso promises to do:
  • The substance stimulates the production of collagen and increases the flow of nourishment  to the skin, which leads to improved skin elasticity, a more even skin tone and a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
Before going further into this, I should tell you that my skin has more issues than Tyra, and has tried more substances than Ozzy. I have combination skin that is oily but dries out easily, it’s sensitive and prone to breakouts. If I just wash my face with water from another source than my skin is used to, it’s a perfect recipe for disaster. Trying new products always results in a few weeks of pizza face to start off, and then after that horrible time period I can see some improvement, or not. Strangely enough, that didn’t happen this time. I’ve been using Verso for two weeks now and this is my result:
  • My skin is clearer, has more of a healthy glow than an oily shine, and the overall structure is smoother. Not in terms of wrinkles or pigmentation spots, they are still there, but my pores are smaller and I see fewer blackheads/whiteheads or other small irregularities. My nose got a bit dry/flaky after one week, but I think that was actually a good sign because the skin feels much better after that.
Conclusion: I need more time to see the full benefits of the products, but so far, it’s all good. While Verso does claim that the Retinol 8 is eight times more efficient than other retinol products, they also say that users will need a couple of months before seeing the full effects. So I guess I will just keep on using this and see what happens!
Bonus facts: Verso products contain no mineral oils, dye or parabens, only minimal fragrances and preservatives and has not been tested on animals.