Our blogger apartment at Fantastic Frank

I have so much to show you from last week, we had so many great experiences and creative sessions during our Design Blog Tour, and also of course my favorites from the Stockholm Furniture Fair! But I want to start with a tour through the ”apartment” I styled at Fantastic Frank‘s office for our big party where over a hundred bloggers, designers and other cool people came to hang out with us.


We had a wonderful evening, but our energy and moods the day after were perhaps not as high… Luckily we had planned a movie session with Bang & Olufsen, so we just spread out on the floor and enjoyed their amazing sound system while watching an action movie and stuffing our faces with candy, trying our best not to fall asleep. Best ”after design week” event ever!


I aimed for a ”real home” look instead of super styled and flashy, and collaborated with brands from different ends of the price range, as this is how people actually decorate their own homes. Spend a little more on something, and go for more affordable alternatives on other things.

Above you can see shelves filled with products from Granit and No Early Birds, and a speaker from B&O on the floor. In the second picture you will find furniture from No Early Birds with accessories from Granit.

I also brought quite a lot of accessories from my own home, like candles, art prints, books and magazines, Annaleena‘s pyramid and an old t-shirt, to try and make it a little more personal. Our party turned out to feel just like a good house party, complete with a neighbour coming down to pull the plug on the sound system and people sitting on beds, floors and desks all over the place. So I’d say I reached my goal!
The beds from Auping were put to good use both during the party and in our movie session. Super comfy, and this one was adjustable, so perfect to watch tv in.
Most of the furniture came from One Nordic Furniture Company, a new brand that are just opening their first Stockholm office this Spring. They collaborate with well known designers and have that distinct Scandinavian look to all their products, but what I like most is the clever assembly of their flat-packed pieces, that never requires any tools and is always super quick and easy. After styling with Ikea pieces for many years, that is truly something I value!
So many people asked me during the evening where the art was from. Now I have the answer! The artist’s name is Emilia Ilke, and you can find her portfolio and online shop here.



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