Visiting DRY Things showroom/office

About a week ago I met up with photographer Mikael Axelsson again, to visit the combined showroom of


DRY Things and office for Dry Creative Projects. They happen to be located in the house where I grew up, so it was a fun experience to see the place again, and step inside what once used to be a small upholstering workshop, and later on an umbrella repair shop, now turned into a beautiful workspace for this creative design team.


Dry Creative Projects is a creative studio with focus on creative direction, art direction and design, and they launched their own brand and webshop DRY Things out of a great passion for graphic design, product design and packaging. The quality is high, the design is simple and classic, the materials are all natural and age with grace. These factors make their objects likely to become go-to favourites which will be used every day, possibly making some of those everyday moments a little more beautiful…
We like things that makes a difference, that someone has put their heart into. We create things from our own way of living, from a genuine interest in beautiful sustainable objects. Things that we like to have around us. Things that can be inspired by the past but created for the future. We will constantly present new things in our web store. Many things. But we let them take their time. Slow things.

We are a creative design team that work by ourselves or together with our friends that share our philosophy. Our ambition is to produce locally and use only ecological processes and sustainable materials.”



Ps. If you are interested in getting this feature for your magazine, we have many more great images, just contact Mikael to see the contact sheets.





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