My Summer Wishlist

You know that column I started last year, Weekly Wants? Well, it didn’t exactly turn out to be a weekly column. I did it for a couple of months, then realized I didn’t really want to flood the blog with products.


I have always aimed for a sustainable lifestyle, and encouraging over consumption doesn’t go very well with that. But sometimes you need stuff, and of course I fall for nice designs like everyone else, so sharing a few products here now and then, but not on a regular schedule, seems like a good compromise.

These things are just what I want/need for summer:
1. Fold Mirrors from Normann Copenhagen, to seize the Nordic light and bounce it around my home. Photo by A Merry Mishap.
2. Willmann vases from Menu, that I’d use for leafy greens, twigs and straws (I’m not that fond of blooming flowers), to bring a bit of nature inside.
3. Hope + CSA Pitcher and tumblers in the new grey hue, perfect for water, elderflower lemonade and wine spritzers on warm summer days.
4. Verso Skincare travel set. I am already using this skincare line, and find it great from every perspective except for when I travel. The regular containers are quite large so getting them through airport security just doesn’t happen. But now they are launching a travel kit with the most essential products, just in time for vacations!



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