Sneak Peek of Bolia’s Fall 2014 Catalogue Shoot

I was invited by Bolia to visit The Lab, a photo studio in Copenhagen, to go behind the scenes of their big catalogue production styled by Pernille Vest and shot by New York based photographer Thomas Loof. This is a huge project, spanning over several weeks of shooting both photos and video for the catalogue, web site and tv commercials, and lots of extra shots for social media.
While I can’t share too much of the actual product news yet, I want to invite you to take a walk behind the scenes with me, to see what this world looks like when you turn away from the staged sets in front of the camera. Yes, it might look like a huge mess, but I am quite convinced that the stylist and her assistants have it all under control and knows exactly where every little stamp or eraser is…
Prepare for a picture bomb, I hope you will enjoy it!
Photography: Emma Fexeus, except for the product photos
Below, two sneak peeks of the actual products!
And lastly, a few shots that have absolutely nothing to do with Bolia, but are just details that I love about the studio space. It’s an old industrial building, so the materials and details are all so cool!



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