Stockholm print by Studio Esinam

Studio Esinam, the Swedish graphic design studio behind Elevations, a series of city posters that started with Paris, went on to Tokyo and then Berlin, and who have quickly become a big hit in the blogosphere (probably much because of their great styling), just released a new print.


And yay, this time it’s Stockholm, my beloved home town! The top four buildings in the poster are famous architectural landmarks such as the city hall and the main city library, and the three house pairs below that are examples of typical residential buildings from different eras.

In our first print series elevations, we seek to capture the unique feeling of various cities around 
the world. Cities that most of us have some kind of relation to, but probably haven’t seen in the 
format of the architectural drawing. By studying the façades, directing attention to details that mostly 
pass unseen, we hope to touch upon qualities to the architecture that contribute to the specific 
feeling the city imposes on you.”
At the same time, Studio Esinam is launching a new poster series called Landmarks, starting with Gothenburg and Brooklyn as the first motifs.

Photography by Patrik Hagborg
Styling: studio esinam



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