4 Dreamy Spaces For Sale Right Now

My picks from the overflowing Swedish homes market right now.

dream home collage


The real estate market in Sweden is blooming at the moment (probably because everyone is scared to death of the bursting bubble that all the experts are talking about), which means there are lots of amazing homes for sale right now. I found some real gems for you! These are true dream homes, not realistic for most, but definitely worth looking at for inspiration. Enjoy!


The first one below with huge windows is for sale through ESNY.

Bright White Stockholm Home with Huge Windows

Stockholm Loft Apartment

DIY Corner Shelf Solution


The next is a very classic Stockholm apartment full of Danish design classics. The edgy artwork and modern accessories save it from getting too old fashioned. For sale through Alexander White.


Classic Stockholm Apartment with Danish chairs

Classic Stockholm Apartment Kitchen shelves with Danish chairs

Classic Stockholm Apartment with Danish design classics


Then there is this neo-classicist apartment, quite opulent in its decor, and once again saved by the cool art, a lot of it by Jesper Waldersten. The kitchen is unlike anything I’ve seen before. A bit over the top perhaps, but interesting. For sale through Lagerlings.


Lagerlings Fireplace Jesper Waldersten art

Lagerlings kitchen with plant wall

Lagerlings plants



And last but not least, a very special space in my dream location on Södermalm. It’s an old brewery from the 17th century. The windows here are just amazing, and the styling looks a little bit Ilse Crawfordesque, don’t you think? Not quite there, but inspired by her, I’d say. For sale through ESNY.


Bjorngardsgatan Windows

Bjorngardsgatan Home Office Loft Window

Bjorngardsgatan Home Office Loft

Bjorngardsgatan Shelving Wall

Bjorngardsgatan Dark Kitchen