Architectural Gem For Sale Again

This architectural gem in Stockholm used to belong to the founder of Swedish fashion brand FilippaK.

FilippaK apartment livingroom


This amazing apartment used to belong to the founder of Swedish fashion brand Filippa K, and was apparently sold furnished (which is extremely rare in Sweden) when she left it a couple of years ago. Now it’s on the market again via Wrede real estate. You can see some old pictures here if you are curious to see what has changed (hint: not much). The marble table in the kitchen was designed especially for this room, and I am guessing Filippa herself decorated the entire place. Proving why she is known for her classic, sustainable style, these interiors have definitely stood the test of time and will hold up well against any short lived trends that might come. The floors are exclusive Dinesen planks and the dark wooden ceilings are original from when the house was built in 1892.


Photographer: Fredric Boukari


FilippaK apartment livingroom fireplace

FilippaK apartment kitchen with marble table

FilippaK apartment kitchen

FilippaK apartment bedroom

FilippaK apartment bathroom