Ateliers Des Martyrs’ Scented Universe

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The scented universe of Ateliers des Martyrs kickstarter project is right up my alley, as it taps in to both my obsession with all things fragrance related, and my current inspiration source; Alice in Wonderland.


A scent lab filled with flowers and test tubes would totally fit in Wonderland, wouldn’t it?

ateliers des martyrs scent lab flowers marble

ateliers des martyrs firewood candle

Ateliers des Martyrs was created with the idea that scents are keys to memories, or ”doors to faraway feelings or maybe a sweet nostalgia”.

”Everyone has a garden locked away in their memory, the meadows behind the house, the river banks covered with wildflowers and thyme, walking barefoot in the soft grass, looking at the sky through the pine tree canopy…”

The branding is a mix of clean and simple graphics, and floral illustrations for the packaging and paper products. Yes, this isn’t just about scented candles, there is also Japanese inspired scented paper sculptures, scented envelopes and pretty notebooks.

The candles are made from natural rapeseed wax and poured in mouth blown glass jars with cotton wicks. All designs are printed on recycled paper.

ateliers des martyrs scented candles

ENVELOPE ateliers des martyrs ems designblogg

WISTERIA ateliers des martyrs scented candle ems designblogg