Bloggers Tour London: Nest

susanna vento nest styling bloggers tour

This blog tour was very much hands on, and we got to use our creativity with all brands we worked with, which was so much fun! One really fun thing was borrowing furniture and accessories from Nest to style some settings in the house we rented for the weekend. We had free hands to create what we wanted, and picked some favorite Scandi style products from the newly designed site. You see, Nest is mainly a web based shopping experience, but they also have a showroom in Sheffield if you are more of the touchy feely kind. You can however find inspiration in droves on their website, and their blog seems to be run with great passion. I just discovered two features of members of our blog tour crew, and one with Jennifer Hagler of A Merry Mishap!

Linda_Elmin_Hviit_nest styling london blog tour

Linda_Elmin_Hviit_nest styling marble hay blocks

Linda_Elmin_Hviit_nest styling vases

susanna vento nest styling marble table gold bloggers tour

susanna vento nest styling stairs hay bloggers tour

Photos by Linda Elmin and Susanna Vento

Styling: Design Bloggers United




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