Buster + Punch London Showroom And New LED Bulb


London_LindaElmin_buster and punch rockstar bar

The showroom of Buster + Punch was actually our very first stop on the London blog tour last weekend, and while some of us got there quite exhausted from our early flights, we all definitely left with a whole new energy.


Buster + Punch is all about a rock’n’roll attitude and going your own way, with great craftmanship and high quality materials supporting their choices. They wanted to show us not only their new stylish showroom, but also an invention they made; the Buster Bulb; an LED bulb that works as a spotlight and a mood light at the same time, and of course looking good doing it. It gives off an atmospheric soft light to the sides, but also a pointed spot light downwards, and is of course fully dimmable.

The motorcycle you see here was actually made by Buster + Punch (and is available in their webshop!), which you will see if you look at the handles and other details, echoing the design of their other products.

(The color on the walls is Farrow & Balls Railings. I had to ask because it looks so good!)

London_LindaElmin_buster and punch motorcycle showroom

buster punch led bulb susannavento

buster punch led bulb_susannavento

Photos: 1 + 2 Linda Elmin, 3 + 4 Susanna Vento



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