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commodity perfume

I’m a scent nerd, I might as well admit it. Nothing makes me happier than getting a new perfume or scented candle in a new and exciting fragrance. For me, the way you smell is as much a part of your style and identity as how you dress, what music you listen to or the way you choose to decorate your home.


Your scent says something about you, and should be considered carefully to reinforce your expression. What I don’t like though, is being forced to spend time in perfume shops, where all the scents are mixed into one overwhelming and headache inducing odour. But buying perfume online without getting to sniff it first isn’t an option either, for obvious reasons.

Let me introduce you to the solution: Commodity. They will send you a kit of 10 testers to try at home, and when you have made your mind up they ship you a full size bottle of your chosen scent. There are two collections, the White Collection include scents that are light, airy, and easy, while the Black Collection is more complex, intense, and moody. You won’t find the traditional kind of flowery or sporty fragrances here, instead you get to choose between smelling like a book, paper, whisky or rain! Collaborating with a 160 years old French fragrance house to combine their unique scents from organic ingredients vouches for a high quality product. And the simple graphics are a great bonus!

Commodity_FittingKitBlackCollection BlackCollection_100ml_Book

WhiteCollection WhiteCollection_100ml_Rain



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