Congrats Morten Bo and Vipp! + A Giveaway!

Vipp's Chief Designer celebrates 10 years with the brand, and to let you in on the celebrations, they are giving one lucky reader a chance to win a... yes, that's the question, what can you win? Read below to find out!

Vipp Full Collection


Most of you probably think that Vipp is synonymous with trash bins, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. What started in 1939 as one man making his wife a bin for her hair salon, is now an internationally acclaimed brand with everything from lighting and toothbrush holders to kitchens and even a house on their menu. Vipp’s Chief Designer Morten Bo Jensen celebrates 10 years with the company this month, so I thought it was a good time to look back at what he has achieved during that decade, from his first design of the Laundry Basket to the Vipp Shelter.



Vipp Bathroom

Vipp Daybed


Morten Bo is the creative mind behind recent years’ Vipp products. At the tender age of 27, he was entrusted to carry on the Vipp design heritage. Educated industrial designer in Denmark and with a past working for the Biomega Bike brand, Morten Bo took on the challenge of bringing 75-year-old design principles into the future. Here he comments on what the essence of a Vipp product is.

”Vipp was born out of a need for functional tools in the professional market. Just like Holger Nielsen, who crafted the bin for Danish clinics, we consider ourselves as ‘tool builders’ measuring the quality of our tools on their long-term ability to provide better every day experiences. Our driving ambition is to bring functional principles found in the professional market into the private home with genuine, industrial design objects.”


Vipp Shelter Fireplace


”You can ask ‘why a shelter?’ But the answer is the same as when you ask ‘why a bin?’ It’s the urge to do something better and different than what already exists out there. Yes, a shelter is a different size of investment than a bin, but the basic philosophy is the same; developing functional tools based on 75 years of know-how within steel manufacturing, where functional requirements and material processing define the form – regardless of it’s a suction hook or a shelter. We felt that there was a market for a modern getaway, carefully thought out down to the very last detail, where the only choice left to the consumer would be where to put it.”

”Trends and fashion is what eventually goes out of fashion. Therefore we intentionally avoid all changing fashions and trends, as this will legitimize Vipp as a long term investment. There will never be a spring or fall collection or something new for the sake of novelty. This allows time for gradual improvements of existing product but never rejuvenations. Aesthetics will only change for functional reasons.

Vipp takes a clear opposition to the fashion injection that the industrial design business has been given with its obsession with ‘newness’, seasonal collections and material trends. Instead, we seek to offer the market timeless products. Timeless in both quality and aesthetics. Our intention is products that will last – at least as long as our 75 year old bin.”


Black Vipp Kitchen



To have a chance to win, you have to figure out what it is you are actually competing about! The prize is the answer to this question:

What was Morten Bo’s first product for Vipp?

Reply to [email protected] before April 12.

Good Luck!



This post was made in collaboration with Vipp.