Cosentino + Swedish Designers Monica Förster & Form Us With Love



One of the companies we met up with on our blog tour in Spain was Cosentino. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of them, I hadn’t either! What I had heard about though, and I’m pretty sure you have too, is Silestone, which is one of the five brands in the Cosentino group, and a material very well known for it’s durability and endless possibilities when it comes to both colours, patterns and usage. It is mostly used for flooring, bathrooms, kitchen worktops and as a wall or facade surface, and the same goes for another very hardwearing material of theirs called Dekton, but I discovered that Cosentino had actually done a couple of interesting collabs with Swedish designers creating smaller design objects from these materials.




The Twilight Collection by Monica Förster consists of a group of tabletop accessories and light holders, all made of Dekton, chosen for its unique ability to withstand high heat and fast temperature changes. The collection was launched during the Milan furniture fair this Spring.

”The idea for this family of outdoor torches has been to play with shadow and light. Moonlight is made of three different shaped sides which interact with each other. The result is a sculptural torch holder full of poetic feeling.

Traylight can be used on tables, in a flexible way holding olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and tea lights. The family also comes with a tray for espresso cups where each person also gets its own lighted candle.”

 slab vases formuswithlove cosentino

In 2012 Form Us With Love and Cosentino presented a project exploring the quartz surface Silestone. Silestone Slab Vases were showed at the exhibition Form Us With Friends at the Swedish Museum of Architecture during Stockholm Design Week. The project aims to break away from the familiar Silestone slab form and explore the material’s tactile dimension.

The Slab Vases consist of rings of Silestone, which have been slipped over a metal bracket to create a sculptural vase. The rings vary in size and are cut so the shape of the vase changes with each assembly. The material is of Iberian origin, but Scandinavian sensibilities run through the Slab Vases project.

slab vase formuswithlove cosentino


slab vase production formuswithlove cosentino

slab vase rings formuswithlove cosentino



Our events were part of the Design Bloggers United Spain tour and arranged for us by Spanish Design Companies Association RED (Reunión Empresas de Diseño), a non-profit organization formed to promote Spanish design in international markets.