Five Big Trends from Milan 2016

Highlights from the Salone, and a list of the trends that will define the year ahead.

structure milan 2016


Can you handle some more pink? It seems there is no way around it, it’s absolutely everywhere at the moment! The image above shows a chair prototype by Norwegian designer Sara Wright Polmar from the Structure exhibition at Ventura Lambrate. The exhibit was curated by stylist duo Kråkvik&D’Orazio and Residence‘s editor-in-chief Hanna Nova Beatrice, featuring contemporary Norwegian crafts and design.



”The exhibition is built up around the word “structure” which suggests the diverse structural qualities of the selected objects and prototypes, it being the structure of the surfaces, constructions or materials used. The word also signifies the organisational structures behind the project.”

Structure styled by KrakvikDorazio photo Siren Lauvdal

For all of us who weren’t there, AnOther Magazine made a shortlist of this year’s biggest design trends, including some highlights of the fair. The list is less about what colours are most popular right now, and more about larger concepts and ideas, so quite interesting.

Structure styling KrakvikDorazio photo Siren Lauvdal


Photos: Siren Lauvdal