Hitta! Del 1 – A new decorating book from Ikea

ikea_HITTA_del_1 inspiration_ems designblogg

Have you read any of Ikea’s decorating books? I find them surprisingly inspiring, both in regards of style and ideas. Of course, they hire some of the world’s best stylists and photographers, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that the outcome is great.


But what I mean is that the style of the books isn’t what we used to associate with Ikea, before they launched the Livet Hemma blog that is. Now we are quite used to seeing PR photos from them that are styled in a more personal and eclectic way, with vintage and handmade props, but before that, there was only the catalogue with it’s strictly in-brand props and overall stiff styling, and in contrast with that they released a couple of great books.

Now they are launching a new book, set to be out in April. The book’s Swedish name is Hitta! Del 1 (Find! Part 1), and it’s all about storage, which to be honest is what Ikea are doing best. I’m looking forward to it, as I can really use some storage advice for my new apartment!

ikea_HITTA_del 1 inspiration_ems designblogg

ikea_HITTA_del_1_inspiration_ems designblogg



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