Hope Goes Furniture

Swedish fashion brand Hope takes the step into furniture design with a chair for your clothes.

ann ringstrand hope Coat chairs


The crossovers and collabs between fashion and furniture design brands have been abundant in the recent years, yet they never cease to excite me. It’s often through collaboration and cross pollination that new and interesting expressions emerge, and the latest example of this is the chair Coat, made as a collaborative endeavor by Swedish fashion brand Hope’s founder Ann Ringstrand and carpentry studio Svenska Station.



ann ringstrand hope unassembled coat chair


As the name tells you, Coat isn’t just for sitting, but is also meant to store your clothes and accessories, a stylish and more practical alternative to the messy pile that many of us tend to make at the end of a long day. The chair comes with a shelf and two hooks, and an optional pocket made of leather or felt, and in three finishes, natural birch or black stained plywood and a 10 pieces splatter patterned limited edition hand painted by Ringstrand. Available in August.

Coat is Ringstrand’s first venture into furniture design, but hopefully not the last. I’d love to see a full home collection, just as Maria Soxbo at Husligheter where I first found these news. She made an interview with Ann (in Swedish), jump over there to read it!


ann ringstrand hope coat chair