IKEA Democratic Design Days News

My favourites from this year's biggest launch event.

ikea democratic design days collage

Last week I joined hundreds of others for a big event called Democratic Design Days, arranged by IKEA at their headquarters in Älmhult. It was my first visit there, so I didn’t know quite what to expect, or how huge it was. There was so much people, from all over the world, and product news and exciting project launches all over the little village that is made up by a bunch of Ikea buildings.

It’s difficult to know where to begin reporting, but I guess I’ll start with the one thing you have all heard about, the collaboration with Danish design brand HAY. This was planned to be a collection of 50 pieces, but Rolf and Mette from HAY got so inspired it turned out to be 75 items in the end. There are lots of great products coming, but one of the most talked about is the redesign of the iconic blue bag. We all have this at home and use it for a variety of things, but it’s so ugly! Not any more though. It will now be produced in classic HAY colours, for example this green one you see in the collage below together with other items from the collection.

ikea x hay collaboration



Another favourite collaboration (there were many!) is the furniture from the Jassa collection with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, featuring natural-fibre products and textiles inspired by traditional techniques from Indonesia and Southeast Asia.


piet hein eek for ikea


Third place goes to the Odger chair by Swedish design group Form Us With Love, made from 70% recycled PET bottles and 30% wood. The material is flexible so the chairs are quite comfy, and I love how the grain shows to give the surface a bit of an organic feel. Unfortunately there aren’t any good pictures of this available yet, so here is a lousy one from my phone.


ikea odger chair by form us with love


Other big news are that a new Ikea museum is opening at the end of June, and we got a sneak peek! Here is one for you too: