Inside the Maison Martin Margiela Studio

maison martin margiela studio doors white ems designblogg another magazine

Let’s start this week with some fresh white shades from within Maison Martin Margiela’s studio in Paris 11th arrondissement.

maison martin margiela studio white ems designblogg another magazine

maison martin margiela work studio white ems designblogg another magazine

“There are two reasons for white – one practical, one conceptual. When Jenny (Meirens, the label’s cofounder) and Martin started out they collected furniture from all over the place. They had no money and it was all in different styles, so to make it seem coherent it was all painted white.”

Of course, not just any old white will do. White emulsion is chosen to paint all surfaces for two reasons, both for its matt finish, and the fact that it is impossible to clean – any wear and tear caused by daily comings and goings are therefore left to tell their story for posterity. Paint is never applied to the whole space at the same time, so some of the rooms are almost yellow with age, while others are pristine in appearance – well, not quite.

maison martin margiela work table studio white ems designblogg another magazine




Via AnOther Magazine

Photos: Daniel Stier