Jotun + Frama = St. Pauls Blue


st pauls blue wall colour by frama and jotun


 So, everyone is saying that green is the colour of the year (except for Pantone who are claiming 2015 to be the year of Marsala wine red), but as much as I love green, I am voting for blue.


I’ve never been a big fan of the colour blue before, thinking it had too much navy/maritime style vibes, or was too cold, or was just too bright. But I have to say I’ve changed my mind. Especially these dark and muted tones with lots of black pigment are extremely beautiful, but I also really like a strong ultra marine or Klein blue, or the inky indigo blues of Japanese shibori textiles.

Pictured here is a blue hue that hits the right spot for me. It’s created as a collaboration between paint brand Jotun and Danish design firm Frama as Frama needed a colour for the walls in their new studio, and it’s called St. Pauls Blue. It kind of looks like the sky when thunder rolls in, right? Somehow it manages to be both calm and dramatic at the same time.

Photo: Siren Lauvdal

Styling: Jannicke Kråkvik & Alessandro D’Orazio

Jotun_Frama_LADY_5030 St.Pauls Blue_2

Jotun_Frama_LADY_5030 St.Pauls Blue_3

Jotun_Frama_LADY_5030 St.Pauls Blue_5

Jotun_Frama_LADY_5030 St.Pauls Blue_6

Jotun_Frama_LADY_5030 St.Pauls Blue_7



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