Lex Pott’s Spring Scissors – Best in Show at Northmodern

lex pott scissors northmodern booth

I am in Copenhagen for the weekend, and yesterday I visited the northmodern design fair. There were lots of great products and booths, but one that really stood out to me was the booth for Dutch designer Lex Pott‘s Spring Scissors. The scissors were made as a collaboration between Lex, Danish brand Nomess and legendary design magazine Wallpaper’s project Handmade 2015.

Lex designed the booth himself, and it comes across as both minimalist and quite abstract, while at the same time showing the process of designing and manufacturing the scissors, and invites visitors to explore and play with them.

lex pott scissors northmodern booth wall

lex pott scissors northmodern booth paper stacks

lex pott scissors process northmodern booth paper stacks

”The scissor was made with spring steel, enables it to its original shape. The idea of the scissor came from traditional Asian crafts. Lex puts sculptural and graphical features into a daily-based tool that gives the scissor an artistic value beyond its function. The Spring Scissor is symmetrical and therefor suitable for both left and right-handed people.”

lex pott nomess wallpaper handmade black scissors lex pott nomess wallpaper handmade scissors




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