Living in a London Stable

These renovated old stables in London have a wonderfully unpretentious atmosphere, where the architect owners live and thrive in the unfinished DIY solutions.

london stables with hammock


I just love how extremely relaxed and unstyled this old repurposed stable in the middle of London feels. Such a nice change from the overly pretentious pictures of perfection which we are so used to. The owners are architects and have done most of the renovations themselves on this little building that was nothing more than a crumbling shell without neither water, electricity or windows when they found it. Now it is totally liveable, but nowhere near finished, but they don’t really mind. They see it more as ”not yet fulfilled potential” than something that should have been done yesterday. Now that’s an attitude to adopt!


Don’t miss the paper bag pendant light over the table. Simplest idea ever.


Photos by Elisabeth Aarhus via BoBedre


london stables dining paperbag pendant

london stables kitchen paperbag pendant




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