Mood: Poetry of Green

Premiering a new feature on the blog, mood boards by designer Christian DuCharme.

Poetry of Green Moodboard


Christian DuCharme was a name that kept popping up in my social media feeds everywhere, so eventually I got curious and decided to check out his Facebook to see who he was. Turns out he is a designer, and that he makes the most wonderful moodboards. I immediately asked where I could see more of these, because naturally he must have a blog or some other creative outlet where he posts? But no, they were only on his private facebook wall. That’s a shame, I thought, so I asked him to share the moodboards here with us! I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do, as these will hopefully become a regular feature on the blog.


For more inspiration from Christian, check out his Pinterest.


collage2 collage3



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