Neutral and anonymous design – a discussion on sustainability and image


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When describing my own home and the style I’m striving for there, you will often hear me talking about ”neutral furniture” and ”anonymous objects”. What I mean by that is that I don’t fancy flashy designer pieces, show-off products or items that are easily recognizable in terms of brands, designers or even price range.


I like basic and simple things that don’t necessarily reveal my socio-economic status, things that no one will know if I gave €10 or €1000 for. That is not to say that I don’t like more expensive things, because I do, sometimes. I just don’t want the price tag to be obvious, as it is in for example a Jacobsen lounge chair or a Svenskt Tenn cushion. Everyone will know exactly what you paid for the item, and it adds to their image of you. I try my best to stay away from that hunt for social status through flashy purchases. Surely, I too still have some over priced scented candles bought mainly for the labels, Eames chairs and designer lighting, and stuff that scream Ikea or other high street brands in your face. I have realized though that those items are not contributing to the picture of me that I want to paint, nor are they giving me anything that more anonymous pieces wouldn’t, so they are going to leave…

I believe that quality, both in terms of design and materials, comes in all price ranges. I also firmly believe that the simpler a design is when it comes to lines and appearance, the longer it will take before one’s eyes get tired of it.

I think this home is a perfect example of what I mean. You will find very few nameable objects here, especially for a homestaged flat up for sale, but many DIY designs (look at all those plywood constructions, I love it!), and the rest is a mix of vintage and super basic anonymous pieces. Also, the material mixes here are very inspiring. Plywood, cork, many different woods, all kept bright and fresh by the white walls.

Pictures via Stadshem

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