New Ikea 365+ collection, good news or bad?

IKEA_365+_glas ems designblogg

In the post I made about my personal kitchen essentials the other day, I included a most beloved item, the Ikea 365+ plate. I’ve had mine for 10 years or so, and I also have the dessert plates, bowls and deep dishes from this series.


To me, these are perfect, but I need to refill my cabinets as they are starting to diminish in numbers after a few clumsy events… However, today I got the news that Ikea are making a new 365+ collection, which means my favorites are taken out of production! The new collection looks great for sure, it still has a very simple and timeless design, but what about me? I want to keep using my old things, and I want to get more of them. I guess I’ll just have to run to the big warehouse and hope they still have some pieces left on the shelves!

I am still excited about this new collection though, and here I am showing some of the things that might make it onto my next list of kitchen favorites. The knives and short tumblers might just have to move in with me…

IKEA_365+_porslin ems designblogg

IKEA_365+_knivar knives ems designblogg

IKEA_365+_tallrikar plates ems designblogg




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