Nooks – Like LinkedIn For Homes

I'm not sure how to describe Nooks without using their own slogan. I'll give it a try: It's a site where you register your home if you might be interested in selling, to the right buyer, for the right price, at the right time. You aren't desperate to go anywhere, so that sale might be in a year, nobody knows.

Nooks - LinkedIn for homes

Nooks is also a place to browse if you are looking for something specific but are in no rush to have it right now, or if you are looking for a feeling or atmosphere rather than an exact neighborhood. In other words, you are just browsing. I like the relaxed feel of the concept, it’s less commercial and less stressed than the regular real estate sites, and there are no cheesy sales pitches!






The homes here are obviously styled for the photo shoot, but not in the same way that we have become accustomed to during the last couple of years. It’s more like when you visit a friend with very good taste, it all looks great, but they still have children’s toys and books that weren’t chosen because of their covers but are actually read, maybe even an occasional piece of Ikea furniture and orchids in the window that went out of style fifteen years ago. Don’t get me wrong now, I love seeing well styled perfection as much as the next design enthusiast, and the fact that looking through real estate websites can now be as inspiring as reading an interior design magazine. But I also love realness, and I think there is room for both.

(For some reason, totally coincidental, I only picked kitchen images for this post. I think it might be my subconscious telling me that my own kitchen is a bit too ”real” at the moment, and that I should go do the dishes…)






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