Big News!

I know what I will be doing for the rest of the Spring. And it's going to be great!

northern delights sequel


I have some big news for you! I just started making a new book for Gestalten Publishing! It’s not going to be a direct sequel of my first book Northern Delights, the concept will be expanded with additional subjects, but you can expect something in a similar style.


So far,  I’m still in the fun-and-games part of the process, collecting hundreds of images from projects and products that will be considered for the book. In other words, I am building a huge pinterest board of my favourite pictures, which of course doesn’t even feel like work. Talk to me again in a couple of months though, when I am knee deep in writing and editing the preface and chapter intros (over and over again, agonizing over every little word), and searching for that one perfect image to complete the collection I have built, and you too will understand why most authors have a deep wrinkle between their brows and pitch black under eye circles… It will all be good in the end though, much thanks to the sharp eyes of the editors and proof readers at Gestalten. And hopefully you will enjoy the finished results when the book hits the stores this autumn!



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